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Posted: 10/05/2009 by shazzler

Click and drag me down to the editor hi can i just check something with somebody, i have a raspberry bush in the garden and i wanted to check if the leaves or flowers are edible for my russian, ive probobley asked before but our pc went bonkers and i lost all my data on edible plants :(


sharon and twiglet xxxx

Re: raspberry
Posted: 10/05/2009 by tpgNina

Hi Sharon,

I'm not aware of any problem with raspberry leaves, and I've never seen anything bad about the flowers either, so I would think they are OK, but to be on the safe side, just feed small quantities as part of a mixed diet.


Re: raspberry
Posted: 11/05/2009 by shazzler

thanks nina ur a star xxxxx

Re: raspberry
Posted: 15/05/2009 by Ozric

Hi there.  I belive that fruit bush leaves incluidng blackberry, raspberry and strawberry are generally not harmful but should only be offered in limited amount due to them being high in sugars. 

Re: raspberry
Posted: 15/05/2009 by tpgNina

Good point, Jonathan. I knew that the fruit was high in sugars, but never thought about the leaves.



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