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Im getting another Tort!
Posted: 07/05/2009 by lu25uk

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One of my students at the college I teach at is giving me her Horsfield Tort Herbie!! She is fed up of him as he is not eating well, also from talking to her she is keeping him in a viv with no UV and no thermostant on the heat lamp! She has since moved him out of the viv into a little area in her living room, but cant afford to buy new accommodation/ UV, thermostat, so he is comming to live with me the end of the month!

I already have squirt my hermmans in a indoor rabbit cage, so I am looking at getting a 2 tiered rabbit cage so I can save a bit of space and have the cages on top of each other! Am thinking of getting a UV/ heat lamp combo too.

Cant wait!!! My group is slowley growing!


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