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Holiday Cover
Posted: 04/05/2009 by


I'm wondering if anyone at the TPG may have a list of reliable and trustworghy people in the South West Country, who are able to offer holiday cover for torts ????

I live in Bristol.

Many thanks,

PS: As a tortoise keeper - im becoming addicted to DANDELIONS ............ I can't go anywhere without a carrier bag ..... (my husband walks off in embassasment as i duck-to-pick) ......

Michelle xx

Re: Holiday Cover
Posted: 04/05/2009 by ElaineTPG

Hi Michelle, I once got stopped by a ladt who said along the lines 'I think you should get some sort of award for trying to keep that field so tidy, I watch you every day doing your best to weed it' I blushed and thanked her Click and drag me down to the editor.  Your hubby will soon join in, just watch out for the council they do spray a rather toxic weed killer at random. I honestly don't know what to advise about the tort sitting, I will ask around, I don't supposed they could go to a keeper rather than someone sit in? Just trying to expand your choices.




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