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hi i am new
Posted: 25/04/2009 by bobsue28

hi my  name is sue i have a sulcata tortoise age 18months  she is called poppy i have had her since she was 6 months old will send out photos soon this is my second one the first lived till it was about 98 years old my mum and gan had him before me the vet said old age killed him bless he was heavy too so now i have to start again with me and my daughter to look after her look forwrd to chating to you all suexClick and drag me down to the editor

Re: hi i am new
Posted: 25/04/2009 by tpgNina

Hi Sue, and welcome to the TPG!
Aren't you brave to have a sulcata! They are fantastic tortoises, and I only wish I had the space and the money for the heating bills in the winter, and I'd have one too. It would be great to see a photo of Poppy (you can upload it to the members photo gallery -- click on the Photo Gallery in the left-hand column -- and you need to reduce the photo in size first, but there are full instructions if you click on 'how to use members gallery').
And we have a good care sheet for Sulcatas if you click on The Tortoise, and then on Care sheets, and then scroll down to Sulcata.

We'd love to hear stories about Poppy and also your previous tortoise, as not too many of us keep sulcatas (although we do have some members who do).


Re: hi i am new
Posted: 25/04/2009 by tpgadmin

Click and drag me down to the editor Sue

I'd love a sulcata tortoise I do have the room, but I have too many leopard tortoises to add a sulcata as well.  The care of a sulcata is very similar to a leopard tortoise, but I guess  you already know that lol.  We do have a few people on the list that keep sulcatas so may be they'll pop along and say hello too.

How lovely to keep a sulcata in the  family for so long they're such a big part of the family and I bet you really miss him still.   Click and drag me down to the editor


Re: hi i am new
Posted: 25/04/2009 by linkr630

Hi Sue.

Oh! arnt we the lucky ones...I have two sulcatas, still only babys at the ripe old ages of around 12 years and weighing almost 100 lbs. They are awsome creatures arnt they, absolutley stunning, so big yet can creep up on you without making a sound, dig holes like bomb craters and do poo's of around the same size ;-) but boy! do we love em. I bet thats made the rest really jealous - LOL



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