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Tortoise tables
Posted: 24/04/2009 by minniechops

I'm looking to treat my two horsefields to a new table. Has anyone got any good suggestions. Money is tight so cant afford to spend a fortune.  Have seen one on Live Food UK which is make of plastic. Any thought from anyone. I have also been on e-bay but not seen much within my budget that is any better than what I have already.

Any help would be greatly appreciate.



Re: Tortoise tables
Posted: 24/04/2009 by vivtpgadmin

Hi Zoe, there are quite a few good examples of enclosures in our photo gallery to the left. The one you mention you have seen on Live Food is this a plastic indoor rabbit cage?  If so quite a few of us use those, its best to get the largest you can afford so that it will last, they are good for hanging the lights from too.  Other cheap alternatives are to get a book case, (you could put a request on Freecycle for one), just lay it on its back and take out the shelves which should leave you with a large tort table!  Some local tips/recycling centres also sell furniture very cheap eg bookcases and even rabbit cages.

Hope this helps, let us know what you decide....Vivienne  


Re: Tortoise tables
Posted: 24/04/2009 by minniechops

I forgot about book shelves. Might have a look tomorrow when I get rid of recycling. Will let you know how I get on.

Re: Tortoise tables
Posted: 25/04/2009 by tpgNina


As I said on the other thread, about the bookshelves from Argos, I think you should get as large an enclosure as you can fit in the space you have. I use one of the indoor rabbit/guinea pig enclosures for my one horsfield. It is 120cm long, and I have built a ramp up to another level to give her more exercise, but I do wish I had bought an even larger one now. The sort of thing I mean is like the larger ones on this page (sorry, but I can't post live links here): In addition, the wire framework over the top is good for hanging lights from and the plastic trays on the bottom are deep enough to get a good depth of substrate. They have some that are 140cm, but I've seen even larger ones in pet shops near me (but more expensive).



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