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bad pet shop
Posted: 19/04/2009 by tobiesmum

i went to a local garden centre/ acqautic stockist and they more horsfield tortoises for sale. there were 4 in a tank about a foot and half in size, the thermometer which was situated in the centre of the tank read 92c. there was a tiny bowl of water in the tank that the poor things cant get in and they were being fed broccoli and not much else. if i had the cash would have bought them all but i know this doesnt solve the long term problem.

i wanted to say something but i know it would fall on deaf ears. i had an argument a few years ago with someone that worked there about newts and frogs. i had albino frogs and they told me that i could put newts in with them and they would be fine. i later found out that this wasnt the case and ended up buying a new aqautic set up so i could seperate them. another time they were selling paddle tailed newts as fire bellied, these are totally dif and require diff care, also fire bellied wouldnt eat your tropical fish where as paddle tailed will. soz it just makes me soooo angry

Re: bad pet shop
Posted: 19/04/2009 by TPGDarren


Thank You for the information, would you please be so good as to mail me privately

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