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The Mating Game
Posted: 19/04/2009 by


I have two adult Hermans - my female is 12/13 and the male is 9/10 yrsold.

They currently share a large tortoise table and I have had no problems with them at all ie: agression etc .......

The Male takes no notice of my female at all ..... at what stage will he maybe take a liking to her ...... or have I been sold a (im not interested in girlie tort). I do realise that its still early in the year but I need to know what to keep my eyes open for.

My female lays eggs every year so im just playing the waiting game.

Michelle xx

Re: The Mating Game
Posted: 19/04/2009 by tpgadmin

Someone else will ask, so I will first.  Are you 100% certain you have a male and a female (sorry but I had to ask) if so what weight are they?  Click and drag me down to the editor

If  you would like anyone to confirm the sex just send in pics of their underneath and of their tail end.


Re: The Mating Game
Posted: 19/04/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Michelle,

It's more size relative than age relative. It's quite unusual for a male to completely ignore the female, though it does sometimes happen ("im not interested in girlie tort"  Click and drag me down to the editor).

How big are they?

Have you an outdoor enclosure for warmer days? - or even secure the garden?- a bit of fresh air might do him the world of good?




Re: The Mating Game
Posted: 20/04/2009 by


Oh ............. Raymond is definately a male - he has the largest tail .......... I have a 75ft garden that they have the run of - so fresh air is not a problem ........

Raymond is approx 15 cm ...... and Hemantrude is almost twice the size - maybe Raymond is indimidated by her (never thought of that).........

Maybe ill just let them get on with it ..... im a pushy parent.

Thanks for your advice.

Michelle x

Re: The Mating Game
Posted: 20/04/2009 by tpgadmin

I should have thought he is big enough and male torts usually prefer the bigger girls.  Not sure why his hormones aren't raging, but this does happen occasionally.  I think you're right patience has to be the key .




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