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newbie says hi
Posted: 18/04/2009 by JOTORTYMAD

Click and drag me down to the editorHi everyone, just joined thus forum today, i am tortoise mad. I own three horsfields Beckam, Rooney and owen. They are kept in a huge tortoise table that has two tiers its has lots of exciting things for them to do.Beckam and Rooney are 6 years old which i have had them for 5 years and Owen is around two i rehomed him though a friend of a friend as they didnt realise the comitment it is, i have him still in quarantine as i only got him in november. Now the warmer weather is coming they will be out in there outdoor enclosures roaming around. I am from the south west is there any other tortoise lovers near to me.



Re: newbie says hi
Posted: 18/04/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Jo,

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Nice to hear from you and Thank You for taking the time to say hello Click and drag me down to the editor


I'm from Kent (South East) and keep Spur-Thighs (Iberas)

There are quite a few Tortoise people on here from the South West & lots of Russian keepers, what county are you from JO?




Re: newbie says hi
Posted: 18/04/2009 by tpgNina

Hi Jotortymad, and welcome to the TPG! I have a horsfield too, and they are great torts, with lots of personality (as I'm sure you know {g}.
Your table sounds super and it would be great to see pictures of it -- and of Beckham, Rooney, and Owen (Jo -- one of the moderators on the TPG is a fanatic NUFC supporter, so she will definitely approve of the name Owen!). You can upload photos into the members gallery (just click on Photo Gallery in the left-hand column).
We've got a great care sheet on horsfields too (click on The Tortoise, and then on Care Sheets), and lots of other stuff on hibernation, growing your own weeds, breeding, and lots more.
And we're a really friendly group, so tell us more about you and your torts, and ask any questions you like. I'm sure any members from the south west will pop up and introduce themselves too.


Re: newbie says hi
Posted: 19/04/2009 by JOTORTYMAD

Thanks for the welcome,

I live in Gillingham Dorset, but dont know of many tortoise keepers here. As you can guess my husband and three boys named the tortoises. I will have a go later and put some photos on of them and there enclosures, at present i can only see one of them the other two are burried under the soil. I do grow my own weeds for them which are going well at the moment also we do alot of walking around a few quite places and a carrier bag always comes in handy.

Looks like it is going to be a nice day today so outside it is for them when they wake up.

ps its a great site with loads of info.




Re: newbie says hi
Posted: 19/04/2009 by tpgadmin

Hi Jo

Click and drag me down to the editor to the site and thank  you for your lovely comments about it.  There is lots of new stuff being added on a regular basis so keep checking it out.  We are working on a comprehensive plant list at present, something which our members keep telling us we are short of lol.

I keep and breed horsfields they are such characterful tortoises but I'm afraid I'm not from the sunny south as I live near the Yorkshire coast.  I do love Dorset though and we had a nice holiday there last year.  We have friends who live near Lulworth Cove Click and drag me down to the editor.

Please remember to follow the instructions for uploading your pictures as you have to downsize them and make them quite small.  Also do make sure there isn't an apostrophe or an & sign in the title of your picture as it won't upload.  If it does fail to upload for you the  most likely reason is that your picture is too large.  If you have problems just shout and I'll talk you through it or upload them for you.

Hope the sun is shining for you as it hasn't reached Yorkshire yet.

Helen    Click and drag me down to the editor


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