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7yr old leopard
Posted: 13/04/2009 by pennyroyal

I have been looking to rehome a tortoise for a little while.  Ideally a hermann or horsfield .  However while browsing I came across someone trying to sell a 7yr old leopard tortoise.  It looks in a sorry state and its shell looks really lumpy.  Poor thing just looks miserable.  I can't afford the money he wants for it but I felt so sorry for this little fella I am tempted to make the guy an offer.  But, I know very little about leopard tortoises except they grow big!  I don't want to take him on with the best of intentions if I cannot properly care for him.  I have looked at some caresheets and different sites and I'm concerned about how big he could grow and the length of time he would need to be indoors.

any advice?

Re: 7yr old leopard
Posted: 13/04/2009 by vivtpgadmin

Hi, its good that you are looking to rehome a tortoise, we do offer a rehoming service at the TPG, just click on the rehoming button to the left for details on how to register.

I must say that a leopard tortoise is not an ideal tort for a beginner, as you say they do grow large and they can work out very expensive as they require heat and light all year round. It's always tempting to rescue ill looking torts but you dont know what problems this tort has due to bad husbandry of the present owner, it could prove very costly in specialist tortoise vet bills.

You mention a hermans or horsfield, these would be more suitable, as would an ibera. Please check out our care sheets for these torts, they are under 'tortoise' in the left hand column.  It is best to get your research done first so that you have your full set up, both indoor and outdoor in place before acquiring a tortoise.

Best of luck in your decision!  Please keep us informed, and would love to see pics of your tort when you get it!!Click and drag me down to the editorClick and drag me down to the editor

Regards Vivienne

Re: 7yr old leopard
Posted: 13/04/2009 by tpgadmin

Hi and Click and drag me down to the editor

You are right leopard tortoises do grow big and can be quite expensive to keep in the UK when full grown due to their need for tropical conditions all year round.

Have a look at the leopard care sheet on this web site.  Just click on the tortoise on the green strip on the left hand side of this page and then click on care sheets and you will find one for leopard tortoises.  Have a read and come back with any questions you may have.  There are a couple of pictures of leopard tortoises in the TPG photo gallery too.

If you decided to go ahead we can give you lots of help as 2 of us from the TPG do keep leopard tortoises.  Please let us know what you decide.


P.S. None of mine are indoors they are kept in outdoor insulated and heated accommodation.


Re: 7yr old leopard
Posted: 13/04/2009 by pennyroyal

Thanks for your replies.  I have registered with TPG and tortoise trust to rehome a tortoise. 

The only experience I have is with Horsfields and I think this leopard tortoise is probably beyond my capability to look after.  Whilst I am sure he would be happier with me than he is now, I think I need to be realistic. 

Helen, how do you house your tortoises outside?  I have been trying to work out prices for a suitable outdoor tortoise palace and heating it. 

many thanks


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