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Hi, im a new user
Posted: 12/04/2009 by paula2812

Just a quick hi, im new to this and thinking of getting my son a horsefield due to a recent nasty incident involving a VERY idiotic dog owners dogs and my sons 2 beautiful rabbits, not a good outcomeClick and drag me down to the editor. My neighbour has just aquired 2 from a santuary and recommended them can anybody give any advise to a newby. Many thanks

Re: Hi, im a new user
Posted: 13/04/2009 by tpgadmin

Hi and Click and drag me down to the editor

Horsfield tortoises are a favourite of mine as they have such endearing characters, but you do need to make special considerations when keeping them as they have very specific needs.  If you haven't already done so click on The Tortoise on the left hand side of this screen on the green section and then click on care sheets.  You will find one for the horsfield tortoise.  Have a good read and then come back to us with any questions you have.

Just one point, dogs and tortoises do not mix.  I am really sorry to hear about your sons rabbits but equally a dog may view the tortoise as a chew toy (bone) and there are many incidents of horrific injuries to tortoises from dogs; so do be aware of this with any tortoise you decide to bring into your home.



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