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Urgent help with lights needed
Posted: 08/04/2009 by minniechops


One of my bulbs has just gone in my tort table for my HORSEFIELD tortoises. The lighting came free with the tortoise table. The are both clip on lights and one had a blue day light bulb in and the other had a bulb in marked 60w. I've never been convinced these were 100% correct. Anyway, the 60w one has gone. What do I need to get for them. I have just been to a very odd reptile shop and came away worried. Their info sheet said to feed horsefields with 20% fruit! I need some help asap as they only have a day light bulb on at the moment.


Re: Urgent help with lights needed
Posted: 08/04/2009 by tpgadmin

Hi Zoe

If you go to Kimbos Reptile world online you can get all your heat and lighting requirements from there.  Darren is a tortoise keeper himself and will advise you if  you mail him with your problem.  His delivery is very quick too.

Whilst you are sorting it out just bob a normal 60 watt household reflector bulb in there the type you get from B & Q.  This will provide heat and light whilst you get the UVB sorted.  I don't use the blue daylight bulbs at all.

Keep up the calcium and Nutrobal supplements with yur tortoises diet and you are correct that the reptiel shop diet sheet is giving out inaccurate information.  Do you think you could print out the TPG horsfield care sheet for him to use?

If you mail me direct by clicking on my username, tpgadmin, at the top of this message if you are worried and give me your phone number I'll gladly give you a ring and discuss this further.



Re: Urgent help with lights needed
Posted: 08/04/2009 by tpgsteph

HI Zoe
if you do have a reputable reptile supplies shop near you, I would suggest that you contact Darren Dunnage at

Darren will be able to supply you with a UVB + heat combination lamp at a reasonale price.




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