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Posted: 05/07/2008 by tortoise7

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Does anyone know where I can get a small fridge without a ice compartment? I need one to hibernate Keya. I do have a table top fridge that I got from ebay but the temp keeps fluctuating and I don't feel confident using it. She is only 2yrs I don't want any room for errors, I'am scared enough about hibernating her. I thought I would start to sort all this out now so I can get myself  prepared and hopefully confident as I know its the best for her!

Thanks for your help


Re: Fridge
Posted: 06/07/2008 by Joanne

Hi Jane,

I have been looking for a fridge for hibernating Ruby, my 1 year old Horsfield and found one in Argos that everyone has said would be fine. Here is the link:

I am also very nervous about hibernating Ruby and am trying to get prepared to ensure that I have everything ready for when the time comes. I'm sure we will all get through it with help from each other.

Joanne xx  

Re: Fridge
Posted: 06/07/2008 by tortoise7

Hi Joanne

Thanks so much for the link, that's the first reasonably priced fridge without a freezer compartment I have seen., the only things it does not mention is, what  temperatures it goes down to, does it go to down to 5c?

It would be really great to have a hibernation/Tortoise buddy that is in the same situation as me, we can bounce things off. my email address is so we can have email chats, as I don't think this site is designed for general chats!!


Re: Fridge
Posted: 06/07/2008 by tpgadmin

It's always a worrying time, but as long as you prepare properly at least you will know that you have done everything possible that you could have to achieve a safe hibernation. 

Preparation is the key and well done to you both for looking for fridges now and not waiting until the autumn.  Personally for young tortoises I start their wind down period in December. 

There are some really good guidelines in the Tortoise section of the Web site.


Re: Fridge
Posted: 08/07/2008 by Tangerine

Unless your garden could be flooded in the winter why not hibernate your tortoise naturally .... there is nothing better than soil to insutale and protect your tortoise.  You could build an outdoor hibernating box even more protected than this one - it is much less stressful than a fridge and much better for the tortoise Click and drag me down to the editor

Down here in the South of France the temperature goes down to -12 almost every winter but the ground remains at 5/6 !


Re: Fridge
Posted: 10/07/2008 by TPGJo

Unfotunately our biggest problems can be warm DecembersClick and drag me down to the editor

I do know keepers who still allow their tortoises to hibernate naturally, it definately depends on where you live and whether you can maintain the right temperature.

I have always used the fridge method with great success, but it's best to way up the pro's and con's of both.



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