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new tortoise....need help please xx
Posted: 31/03/2009 by tobythetortoise

Click and drag me down to the editor hi all im new to all this :)

ive got a hemann tortoise called toby he was born 12/07 (i say he but im not sure)

ive had him 4months and love the lil fella to bits altho having few probs with him

he sleeps all the time i have to wake him bath him and put him nxt to food, he seems to have no interest in wondering about or eating i took him to vets today but they wasnt much help :( she said seems bit dyhdrated but she didnt have any scales so ive weighed him and his 37grams is this normal weight? he was 22grams at birth xx

Re: new tortoise....need help please xx
Posted: 31/03/2009 by ElaineTPG

Hi and Click and drag me down to the editor to the TPG. To the left of your screen you will see a menu, click on The Tortoise and then you will see a list of care sheets for each species, click on the Hermanns one and then the blue link. These are excellent and full of information specific to your species. Can you tell us if you got your little Toby from a pet shop or private breeder? Also do you keep him in a vivarium, what is the heat and light you have for him and what do you have as a substrate for him to walk on? Really sorry for the questions but they let us get a bigger picture and allow us to help you. When he passes urine is there like a toothpaste liquid that comes out or is it a bit gritty. I would bath him every day or twice a day if gritty.

Let us know the replies to these questions then we can explain ways to help. You have done well in not just taking the vets word that he is ok, some vets if they are not reptile vets have very little understanding of how a tortoise ticks, so GOOD ON YOU! Click and drag me down to the editor

Take care



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