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Daisys and Dandelion Flowers
Posted: 24/03/2009 by minniechops


Is it ok for horsefield tortoises to eat daisys (the kind you make daisy chains with) and dandelion flowers. If so, how many would too many be? I feed my torts everyday. They only eat what they want and leave the rest for another time or day.





Re: Daisys and Dandelion Flowers
Posted: 24/03/2009 by jen

I am not sure about daisys but am sure dandelion flowers are ok!!  I also feed mine everyday and give them dandelion fowers when I find them lol!!! At the moment there are quite a few around so its a real treat especially as they are a favourite of my tort Herculees.  I have read that too many dandelion flowers change the torts urine colour though!!Click and drag me down to the editor 


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