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Indoor enclosure
Posted: 21/03/2009 by Paul

Ive noticed that indoor rabbit cages are used for keeping torts indoors, Does anyone else use these or recomend these, also would i need a heated mat or would a spotlamp and uv light be enough.

Re: Indoor enclosure
Posted: 21/03/2009 by ellie2711

hi there Click and drag me down to the editor

i keep my tortoises in a tabletop enclosure and they are fine with a spotlight and a uv light!!!

Re: Indoor enclosure
Posted: 22/03/2009 by Laraine

Hi, I have used these for hatchlings, and as temporary housing when we have fostered a small tort prior to it going to a permanent home. I think they can be very useful. I have also used them outside for the hatchlings to keep them safe from birds and other prey.

No heat mat is needed, I have used an Arcadia  UV compact tube and a spot lamp with a 60w bulb for heat, and in cooler weather I have used a ceramic lamp for the night time.




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