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Limestone flour
Posted: 15/03/2009 by Shelbyville

Hi All

I have been happily sprinkling limestone flour and nutrobal on my torts food since I got them but from reading Row's thread from January I see it should be given separately. My question is will my torts be any worse off for doing it?

Re: Limestone flour
Posted: 15/03/2009 by TPGDarren


In all honesty we've been debating this recently.

This is what Vetark said last year:-

"You shouldn't need any extra calcium flour. If you start adding more D3 via sunlight or UV bulbs and adding calcium via limestone flour you will start getting metastatic calcification. Those two sources are too variable, limestone is a good source but some grades aren't absorbed well, and if they are the excess doesn't simply go through, the D3 in Nutrobal (or any other supplement) and the extra D3 from UK may mobilise calcium into the tissues. In short, just add Nutrobal and don't add more calcium, if you do it simply unbalanced the balanced supplement."

Having said that I've always used limestone flour, particularly with my adult females, and a respected vet at the BCG symposium in Milton Keynes a few weeks ago said mix 1 part Nutrobal with 3 parts Limestone Flour.



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