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Soft poo's
Posted: 21/02/2009 by Row


What can cause my Tort's to have soft poo's??????  They have had more sald stuff this week than usuaul could that be the cause?


Re: Soft poo's
Posted: 21/02/2009 by tpgadmin

Yes supermarket greens are the most likely cause.  See if you can get out weed hunting and reduce the amount of salad and see if there is a difference.  Also foods such as opuntia cactus and aloe vera leaves (which are good) give soft poos and therefore shouldn't be offered in large quantities.

Other than soft poos are your tortoises still doing well?


Re: Soft poo's
Posted: 21/02/2009 by Row

Hi Helen,

Weed picking today as the sun is shining and for once the ground isn't frozen!

Both are doing fantastic.  Twiggy still has not stopped!!!!! She runs around for about 3-4 hours a day - a new lease of life.  Tetley is doing fine although I think he thinks that there's a new Tortoise as Twigglet has changed so much!



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