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How is Twiggy
Posted: 11/02/2009 by tortoise7

Hi Rowan

How are Twiggy's eyes, is she getting better?Click and drag me down to the editor


Re: How is Twiggy
Posted: 11/02/2009 by Row


She's getting there, not out of the woods yet still along way to go.  Still on drops and they are slowly getting better. She's had ex-rays done as her back legs don't move that much but thankfully no kidney stones as the vet 1st thought,   she's just  very weak. I only got her late October this year and the problems she's having, I think, is due to how she was looked after there. She now has physio everyday with me and she's getting more movement.  The vet says it may take up to a year as there is no quick fix.

Just want the warmer weather to be here now so she can enjoy the garden!


Re: How is Twiggy
Posted: 11/02/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Row,

I took on a rehomer (an old tortoise) around 7-8 years ago. When I got her home I put her out the next morning, before I went to work. When I got home lunchtime she was still in te same place - hadn't moved at all. She's still very slow, but there are definite massive signs of improvement over the years (bad husbandry) - so fingers crossed for you:-)

Roll on the long, hot summer days:-)


Re: How is Twiggy
Posted: 12/02/2009 by tortoise7

Hi Row
Slowly but surely, that is so good to hear that there is some improvement, fingers crossed for an early spring that will help. Please keep posting on her developements. Thinking of you both


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