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Fertile Eggs
Posted: 28/01/2009 by hetty23dotty

Hello everyone,

I have noticed recently that you are able to buy many different types of fertile eggs for incubating and hatching yourselves.  I have experience of doing this with chicken eggs and I have a friend who has incubated and hatched duck eggs.  I was just wondering whether this is something which is ever done with fertile tortoise eggs?  I apolgise if this is a silly question, but I just thought I would ask.  I understand that the incubator would have to be different but I just wondered whether it is something that is ever done?  Many thanks, Laura.

Re: Fertile Eggs
Posted: 29/01/2009 by vivtpgadmin

Hi Laura, I suppose that technically this can be done, but I cant imagine you would find a breeder/owner who would be willing to sell their precious tortoise eggs.  Chicken and duck eggs are much more readily available, however, tort eggs are not so easily produced, tortoises only lay small clutches, very infrequently, and it cannot be guaranteed they are fertile.  Most tort owners I know who are 'blessed' with eggs naturally want to incubate them themselves.  Click and drag me down to the editor 

Regards Vivienne


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