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Protein (Red Foots)
Posted: 18/01/2009 by sc00t

Hi All,

Just wondering what you all feed your red foots for protein? I've heard earthworms are good but have never tried.


Re: Protein (Red Foots)
Posted: 18/01/2009 by tpgadmin


I don't  keep redfoots so can't answer your question, but if you click on the tortoise link on the left hand side of this page you'll find the section on care sheets and there is one for redfoots so you will get some idea on there.

We do have 1 or 2 redfoot keepers on here so they may come in and contribute.



Re: Protein (Red Foots)
Posted: 18/01/2009 by TPGDarren

Hi Scott,


Hydrated cat or dog food once every week or two is most commonly used. It's important not to feed meat too often as a meat rich diet is high in phosphates and low in calcium. Earthworms are ok occassionally.





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