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Posted: 19/06/2008 by tortoise7

What a brilliant site, really nice to be able to talk to other tortoise owners and share our experiences.

Thank you TPG


Re: Hiya
Posted: 19/06/2008 by tpgNina

Welcome to the site, Jane -- and thanks for the compliments! What tortoises do you keep? If you go into the members gallery (under the Photo Gallery tab on the left) you can make an album and show us pictures of your tortoises.


Re: Hiya
Posted: 20/06/2008 by tortoise7

Hi Nina

I have a 2 year old Hermani Boettgeri called Keya and she is a little sweetheart, can't image not having her.  I really didn't realise how worrying they can be, but fortunately I  love the learning and she makes sure I do that alright. I have just finished my TT course and waiting for my certificate to arrive. The course has been a great help, really made me aware of things that I was doing wrong. I also have a very good friend who is extremely experienced in tortoises and she has been my saviour. when I saw this site I thought great I can give her a rest now, plus it will be nice to meet other people as our torts do seem to keep us on our toes abit and leaving us needing support

Speak soon


Re: Hiya
Posted: 20/06/2008 by tpgNina

Hi Jane.

I know exactly what you mean -- they certainly do grab hold of our hearts very quickly! Keya sounds lovely! I have a horsfield called Doris (also known as 'the tortoise formerly known as Boris), and she's full of personality.
Congratulations on completing the TT course. I'm sure you'll have lots to contribute to the discussions here!


Re: Hiya
Posted: 20/06/2008 by tpgAli

Welcome to the TPG Jane. I also completed the TT course but it was a few years ago now. I still find it really useful and its good to refer back to notes too.

Glad you like the forum




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