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New Tortoise Help
Posted: 05/08/2022 by Emma25

Hello, looking for some advice please (sorry this is a long one!) 

We took in a tortoise just over a week and a half ago, we believe it is a herman tortoise and approx 6 years old not sure if male or female, however we have named her Penny! 

The previous owner had kept her in a tortoise table with very little time outside and when she did it was very brief, she came with all of the equipment they had for her.

Currently her heat/UV lamp go on at about 6 in the morning and sometimes she is waking up within an hour and basking under her lamp, other times she is still not out after 2 or 3 hours.  

We have been letting her in the garden to roam around (with somebody watching her as we have a large garden and want to keep an eye on her) and she really enjoys it and explores and roams about, sniffing out new things and climbing etc.   

We have built an outdoor enclosure for her and when it has been sunny we have put her in it but she doesn't seem to enjoy it, she goes straight into her house and basically hides/sleeps.

When we are at work the plan is to switch her lights on in the tortoise table for a couple of hours until she wakes and then we will put her outside, and when home put her back inside over night with her lights back on for a few hours before bed time.

She is enjoying baths, poos/wees quite regularly but isn't eating much (although she does seem to graze on a morning and evening)

I've attached photos of indoor and outdoor enclosure.  Please note the indoor enclosure no longer has straw but a mix of soil and coir, and the same for outdoor.  Her outdoor enclosure does now have a tortoise hutch at one end which is sheltered and waterproof (the photo was taken before we added it in)

Will she get used to living outside more?   We don't want to keep her inside all day with lights on while we are out at work.

We are worried she isn't happy and not sure what else to do, as we want her to have a happy life with us.

Any advice appreciated, Thank You...


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