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Posted: 15/12/2021 by Ardnas

My neighbour came over last night, and asked if I would look after a baby tortoise for him until Christmas. He bought it for his wife as a joke for Christmas. It is about 2inches long, and an inch and a half wide and is a Herman type. It was almost dead as they didn't know what to feed it on.  We gave him lettuce, and a piece of banana, and he was eating constantly for well over an hour. Apparently, I have to put a heat lamp over him for 7 hours every night. The trouble is, when you go on line, the information is so conflicting.  You can/can't feed them fruit.  You can/can/t feed them lettuce, and so on. I am so worried, as it is the dearest little thing.  It seems quite healthy, although it is sleeping a lot?  Can anyone help me. 


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