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Protection from dogs and foxes
Posted: 20/09/2020 by GreenApple

Click and drag me down to the editorI am hoping to get a tortoise but after doing some research I realised that dogs and foxes are a problem. My neighbor has a dog and occasionally it comes in my garden. We also get a lot of foxes around where I live and I'm worried about them as well. I've heard that it's best to give tortoises the whole garden to roam about in but I don't see how this would be possible in terms of its protection. Our other neighbor also has a cat and we often get squirrels as well but I don't know if these would be a problem. Is there any way to protect the tortoise both day and night without it being sad. 

Re: Protection from dogs and foxes
Posted: 23/09/2020 by RJOfford

You can do what I have done, which is to build a large outdoor enclosure with a wire mesh on top, so that they are outdoors and free to roam around in their enclosure but are well protected by the mesh.  When I am around to keep an eye on them, I can take them out and let them roam free around the garden.


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