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Hibernating in the garden - advice
Posted: 13/09/2019 by Danielle8991

Hi there, 

Just wondered if anyone had any advice for hibernating my tortoise in the garden this year. I have friends parents who are very relaxed with hibernating their tortoises in the garden from October to feb-March but I feel very anxious about doing it for this period of time when Iíve never done it before. My tortoise is a Hermann and is approx 13 years old. He lives outside from May-October and I normally bring him in after then for winter. Outdoors he lives in a protected large enclosure with somewhere to go into at night off ground level with insulation which he takes himself in/out of. Any advice would be brilliant advising me if this is ok to attempt to hibernate. Iíve read so many doís/dontís about how to hibernate and if Iím honest the whole thing has just confused me. Heís been to the vets today for a weight check and is gaining weight adaquately but the vet didnít have much reptile knowledge and left me with unanswered questions.
Any advice would be great and appreciated. 


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