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Spurthighed housing?
Posted: 03/08/2019 by TobyMarshall

Hi everyone. I am new on here and my head is spinning with advice all over the internet. We have had our spurthighed boy almost a year now and we have had him in a Vivarium inside the house. The pet shop told us it was the right way to keep him but now I know it isnít we are looking for the correct indoor and outdoor set ups. He does have a safe outdoor home which he enjoys during the warm days but he doesnít sleep outside. Heís about 4 years old (we think). Iím not sure if i am confident enough this year to let him hibernate and wonder if we are okay to house him on an indoor table until the spring next year and move him outside properly? Thereís so much conflicting advice and Iím going around in circles. PLEASE HELP! Thanks in advance! 


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