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Posted: 19/07/2018 by MRandall3

Hi! I work at a vets practice and have taken home with me a female Herman's tortoise. she was abandoned, has no chip and no one has stepped up to claim her so have invited her into our family. I just wanted to check that the set up I have got is ok. I've done a lot of research and talked a lot with the vets at work about what I should be doing to meet her needs. So far she is kept outdoors during the day she has a secure run that contains a bathing area logs and shrubs to hide in and climb over, a hide, a soaking area and various food scattered around the run. at night she is kept in our summer house where she has a hide with soil in to bury down into a soaking area, food and a heat lamp (no light) which is kept on through out the night. I soak her every other day and sprinkle a calcium supplement on to her food. if anything that I'm doing is wrong please let m know would be great to hear from some experienced tortoise owners!!!


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