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Horsefield tortoise
Posted: 25/05/2017 by tomgilding


I am a lowly bog standard small animal vet that has been landed with a sick horsefield tortoise anI would really appreciate any advice you may be able to give me on this case...

The owners reports it is approx. 2 years old, it weighs 45g. It has not eaten for 1month and is currently sitting in its little box not very responsive, eyes closed and barely moving unless I pull on its legs. There is no nasal/ocular discharge, or discharge from the back end. It is housed inside and has access to a heat source but can move away from that if needed. It has come in with another similarly sized horsefield that is dead....

Is there anything I can do to help this creature or I should be looking for? The owners have no transport other that their own feet and so travel to a proper vet is not an option.

Many thanks for any help


Re: Horsefield tortoise
Posted: 25/05/2017 by

Hello Tom

I suggest that you click the "UK Reptile Vets ..." box. Perhaps the TPG Honorary Vet' Adviser can help.

Given what you state I think that euthanasia is probably the kindest thing. Horsfield's are 'all' imported & often arrive in a poor state, but a month without food .......... !

Best wishes,


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