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Aggresive Behaviour?
Posted: 25/05/2017 by Summer_Ashleigh

Hi all. A couple of months ago, I bought a 2 year old horsefield tortoise, Krush. Krush has been reasonably fine up to now, the odd hissing here and there but nothing that's bothered me too much. However, yesterday when I was putting him some food down, he barged himself into my hand, hissed very loudly and opened his mouth as though he was ready to bite my hand. I did wonder if he was just simply reading out for the food, but to be sure, tried putting my hand alone inside his home and his behavior was the exact same, and he was racing round after my hand. I do not actually know his gender, and wont do until he is 4 years of age, so please excuse the constant references to 'him.' I'm just presuming he is a male. Does anybody know what it is he is trying to do? I just don't know what to think? I appreciate any and all help. Thanks in advance. Summer x

Re: Aggresive Behaviour?
Posted: 25/05/2017 by


I regret to state that horsfield's are best avoided, as you will read when you peruse this site.
They are 'all' wild caught for pet dealers (shops/centres). 
The hissing & 'biting' is a mixture of fear & aggression.
Minimise handling & it may improve over time. I hope so for your sake as you will have bought it in good faith.

What housing does it have ?



Re: Aggresive Behaviour?
Posted: 28/05/2017 by

It's housing may be part of the problem ............


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