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Outdoor enclosure
Posted: 10/05/2017 by L8hty

Hi , I have just bought 2 horsfields which are approx 3 years old . They kept them in a 3 ft vivarun but I want to make them an outdoor area . I have started to convert my kids shed and will make a nice large run outside of it . I've been reading about putting top soil down in the shed mixed with hay or wood chippings etc . I wondered if I set it up right if they could live in it all year round if I put some sort of hearing in there .? Any ideas would be great if this can be done or do they have to come back in the house in winter .?

They have really thrived since I took them out of the viv . Thanks in advance .

Re: Outdoor enclosure
Posted: 11/05/2017 by


Well done for ditching the viv.

Just topsoil or coir - no hay or woodchip.
It wouldn't work in winter without massive insulation.
Weigh weekly & keep records, if they thrive they can hibe' for 3 months increasing to 5mths over the next 2 or 3 winters.

Click on "The Tortoise ...." box & work thro' the headings.

Click on "Photo Gallery" for enclosure ideas.
They are burrowers !

You can't rely on the age you were told as 'all' horsfields are imported in vast quantities. Also for this reason they probably need worming.



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