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Additional tortoise?
Posted: 06/05/2017 by AliCut

We have a male spur thighed tortoise, Timmy, who we inherited 3 years ago.  We think he's over 50, he's been in the family for 40 years and had lived with another family before that.  As far as I know he has always lived alone.

I was wondering about adopting another tortoise but wanted to find out if you thought this was a good idea and obviously didn't want it to have a detrimental effect on Timmy.  What advice could you offer please?  I think we have enough space, we have a fully enclosed garden about 100 square metres.  Should we get another male? I'm thinking we shouldn't have a female as I'm not wanting to breed them.  Or are they perfectly happy as solitary creatures?

Any advice appreciated.

Re: Additional tortoise?
Posted: 07/05/2017 by


1.  There are quite a number of species of  spur' torts., they can't be mixed as they can't tolerate each others bugs.
2. Males can fight very aggressively.
3. They are more interesting in 2s, but in this case after [say] 50 years 'in solitary' it would be best to leave him alone.



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