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Fox help please
Posted: 22/03/2017 by Humphreys mum

Hi this is my first post so hello to everyone.  I am desperate for some help.  I have a 50 year old spur thigh, Humphrey who is currently hibernating.  Every year he gets up spends the first few weeks in the kitchen, under his heat lamp until he is eating, then moves into his small half way house, which has a double glazed unit to keep him warm and then he moves into the garden where he roams free and happily.  Last week a fox killed my chickens.  On Friday same fox was sitting on the lawn at 9.30am staring at me through the kitchen window.  I have guinea pigs and I have spent over 400 on an Omlet run for them but what am I going to do about Humphrey?  I dont really have space for a large enough run for him and he hates being contained.  I am happy for him to go into the guinea pigs run when they are not in it, but its only grass and he loves shrubs, rocks etc.  At night I will lock him away, but it is the day that worries me.  Any suggestions?

Re: Fox help please
Posted: 22/03/2017 by


You have a good system.

The fox could be a problem. I've a lot of torts & have had foxes in the garden on & off for many years without any trouble. I have read of attacks on torts' attributed to foxes, but this seems to be very rare.

To be safe I think to start with you will need to observe it when outside.
Check out the price of fox proof fencing online.
A friend had a badger problem, [a very powerful predator] which he solved by leaving Radio 4 on 24/7 in the garden. This method could well scare off your fox.

Let us know what happens please, as it may help others.



Re: Fox help please
Posted: 22/03/2017 by Humphreys mum

We are looking at electric fencing, but then next doors cats wont be able to access the garden and if we have chickens again we will be over run with mice.  Its so difficult.  I hate that fox.  He has bitten the head off my hedgehog too, as well as killing the chickens.  I have nightmares I will find Humphrey dead in the same way.

I will keep you posted and thank you for replying 


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