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New to Tortoises
Posted: 15/03/2017 by KateP

Hi, I'm thinking about offering a home to a tortoise......I'd be looking at indoor housing/table with access to outside space daily. Can anyone advise me on how big the indoor house should be for him/her to be comfortable? Also do they need a companion or do they happily live alone? I'm new to this so want to make sure I've considered everything properly before I go any further with the idea.

Thanks in advance :) 

Re: New to Tortoises
Posted: 15/03/2017 by


You will need a tort table for indoors, the size depends on the size of the tort'.

Adult & 5yr + torts' need a wood sided outdoor enclosure of at least 15sqm all to themselves.
2 f's do v well together & are 100x more interesting than one.
Click on "The tortoise / .." box - lots of info to read.



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