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Waking up Juveniles
Posted: 15/01/2017 by Fimac

Good Evening Guys

I have 2 spur thighs in hibernation that are 2 1/2 years old (fridge method). They have been in for 8 weeks so far. One of them has lost more weight this week (just over a gram) then previous weeks and is now at her 5% weight loss.
They normally live together, my question is do I wake both of them up at the same time? Or just wake the one up that has lost the most weight and keep the other one in hibernation for a few more weeks? (til 12weeks as suggested to me previously). Fridge temps have been steady throughout. I hope this makes sense it's mine and their first hibernation so want to make sure I am doing the best for them!
Thank you in advance

Re: Waking up Juveniles
Posted: 18/01/2017 by

Hello Guy,

Provided that the fridge temp. is 3-5C & the humidity is high then it will lose very little more wt. in the next 4wks.
I'd keep it going.



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