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Newbie help!
Posted: 30/12/2016 by Ziggy

I recently bought a year old horsfield tort, she is happily settling in but often blinks and opens her mouth as if gasping she has access to water bowl and we bathe her daily, is her lamp too hot? Or am I being paranoid? I was given wrong advice on purchasing her and have changed things since being in here. Any advice gratefully received x

Re: Newbie help!
Posted: 30/12/2016 by


Lamps are hot or they are ineffective. What matters is the temp' at tort level in the "hot spot" below the bulb. What is it ?

What type of bulb is it ?
Can you upload some photos of your setup please showing the position of your bulb & the layout of your setup ?

Well done for changing your setup after poor initial advice - from a pet trader I suspect ?



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