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Hibernation - awake!?!
Posted: 18/12/2016 by Jackson


Please could someone offer some advice.  Jackson, our Horsefield tortoise is approximately 9 years old we believe.  We had him from someone who didn't have any time for him a couple of years ago.  She had never attempted to hibernate him just saying that he hid away for a while in his house over the winter.  He has always been in a vivarium and still is with us. 

Last year we successfully hibernated Jackson for the first time using the very useful information found on this site.  We did the whole wind down procedure and put him in a small fridge.  He managed six weeks last year, which I thought was reasonable for his first hibernation. 

This year he went in the fridge in the same manner on 10th December. As its a small fridge we carefully, slowly and quietly open the fridge door about 4 times a day to allow enough air to circulate to avoid him suffocating. 

Today, just over a week into hibernation, when I opened the door he was wide awake and starring back at me (he is in a clear tub - with holes in the top).  He moved his head about and his eyes were definately open. 

Should I now bring him out of hibernation or is this usual that they are not fully asleep this early into hibernation?  I felt terrible shutting the door on him again but just wasn't sure what to do!

Many thanks in advance. 


Re: Hibernation - awake!?!
Posted: 18/12/2016 by


Despite your 5 paragraphs, you make no reference to temperature which is the crux of the process. 
What is the temp in the centre of the fridge ? 


Re: Hibernation - awake!?!
Posted: 22/12/2016 by

Too much trouble obtaining a thermo' ? 

It should not be in a clear box.

Best to find a good home for it.


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