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Weight loss during wind down
Posted: 11/12/2016 by Brummy_Tort


Something that recently occurred to me and have never seen mentioned in all the research about hibernation is just how much weight a tortoise will lose during the 3 to 4 week winding down period. Pastie was 406g last Monday when I stopped feeding him and today weighs 390g, so he has currently lost 4%. What in your experience is deemed a normal amount of weight loss during this time? He is still quite active, although think he is becoming fed up of the daily baths.


Re: Weight loss during wind down
Posted: 11/12/2016 by

It's not poss' to say Darren because temps & the measurement thereof, varying photoperiods & activity in individuals varies so much.

Once in the fridge at 3-5C it will lose very little. 
You've said it will hibe for 4 or 5 wks. I'd give it 12wks & increase to 20wks next year.



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