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Posted: 10/12/2016 by smithlouise

I have a tortoise that lives outside and I put him in a manmade box for hibernation on 11-8-16 and he just came out today and looks sort of thin and very slow. Im not sure what to do.

Re: hybernation
Posted: 10/12/2016 by


You state 11-8-16 - is that correct [August 11th] ?

How long have you had it & which species is it ?

Do you have it's weight records ?


Re: hybernation
Posted: 11/12/2016 by smithlouise

Tom, The tortoise went into hibernation on Nov 8 2016 and just came out Dec 10. No he has now dug himself partially into the dirt. So we just put a hard cover above him to keep him from getting damp. We are in So California. Thanks Louise

We have had him about 2 years and we have no weight records. I have no idea what kind he is other than a tortoise

Re: hybernation
Posted: 11/12/2016 by

In England it's 8/11, I don't have a crystal ball to know where you live, you provided very sparse details.

Temperate species bury themselves into soil, that's normal.

I'm amazed you've had it 2yrs & haven't bothered to find out which species it is, or indeed looked into hibernation methods.

Monthly weight records (if you read up on husbandry) are a good guide to a tort's health. For Husbandry inf' click on "The Tortoise" - you may have one of the species described there.

There is at least one Turtle* Society in California, I suggest you join, they will have a good grasp of weather local to you.


* Torts are called turtles in the U.S. 


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