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Outside space
Posted: 06/12/2016 by Clare34

Hi all, 

I haven't yet got a tortoise but looking at outside space. Can you tell me if this is enough room, im looking at developing the L shape raised bed. 
Also I have an indoor rabbit cage, is that something that would be suitable? 
Ive seen a 15 year old Hermanns up for rescue so that is what im looking at. I have electric in the green house.
Thank you

Re: Outside space
Posted: 06/12/2016 by

Hello Clare,

It will need a 30cm high wood sided enclosure of at least 15sqm, with a good sized 'night' house.

The greenhouse will be very useful between hibe' & decent weather. Otherwise exclude it as it's not a species to 'mollycoddle'.

A rabbit cage is too small for an adult herm's. Hopefully it is in hibe' now & available to re-home in Spring.



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