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Posted: 29/11/2016 by Aet

Hello. I have had a tortoise for about a year, being persuaded to have him. We have got lights, water bowl, correct soil and bedding but I am not sure of his sex, age, species and have become bogged down with all the facts. Winter is again approaching and I am petrified I am doing it all wrong. We would hate something to happen with Toby and I have tried to get help from my local vets, Rspca and a reptile rescue but to no avail. We are considering letting him go to someone with more knowledge and who can look after him properly. Any advice or help. Thanks. 


Re: Toby
Posted: 29/11/2016 by

Hello Anita,

If you upload some photos, I can let you know the species. You can then print off a TPG Caresheet. (Just click on "The Tortoise /" box.)

Make sure you have the correct type of bulb with a reflector.

Can you also let me know it's weight please (as an indication of age.)


Re: Toby
Posted: 07/12/2016 by

Too much trouble ?

Best to find a good home for it.



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