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Swollen eyes on horsefield
Posted: 26/11/2016 by Sashafig

Hi I have 2 horsefields approximately 2 years old, were pretty sure there's one female and one male. This is regarding the female; she keeps getting swollen eyes, they swell shut and look very sore. It's been happening for quite a while and I'm absolutely stumped as to what it could be?! I bathe her and her eyes several times a day and they do sometimes get better but then it happens again even though I continue to bathe them. I've tried all sorts. I used to use tortoise terrain as a substrate and have taken that away and used newspaper. I also have been keeping her enclosure extremely clean, taking away anything that could be irritating. I've even taken her wooden house away in case tiny splinters were causing it. I've tried taking various foods away one at a time in case it was an allergic reaction. I've even stopped using air fresheners and only use hypoallergenic cleaning products in the house. She's lives with her brother who hasn't had his eyes swell once. She's lived with him since birth and he's much smaller than her, they are also inseparable and other than the occasional squabble about who gets the last dandelion they never have a problem with each other. Any ideas about what it could be or what I can try to help her? 

Re: Swollen eyes on horsefield
Posted: 26/11/2016 by


You need to seek veterinary advice.

By the way, they can't be 'sexed' at 2yrs old.


Re: Swollen eyes on horsefield
Posted: 26/11/2016 by Sashafig

The reason I haven't been to a vet yet is because when I've researched it (many many times) every case I've seen when they have been to the vets they have generally given the tortoise a vitamin injection and it doesn't work, when you keep reading most people seem to disagree with the treatment and say it shouldn't be done. Most vets don't see reptiles and I can't seem to find a proper specialist. I also said "pretty sure it's a male and female " rather than stating it as fact as we can't be certain but as they are from the same litter (I know it's probably not called a litter but you know what I mean before I get another correction shoved down my throat)

I came on here for advice from other animal lovers who probably have more specific experience with horsefields than me, not to get belittled. 

Re: Swollen eyes on horsefield
Posted: 27/11/2016 by

You have belittled yourself with your above rant.

I've simply stated 2 facts. All eye problems should be referred to a vet, they are not specific to horsfields. Failure to do so can result in blindness. Your local vet will provide you with a list of local exotic vets, if you ask in a tactful manner.

I know what you stated re.  gender & advised accordingly, it is in any case, completely irrelevant re. the eye problem.

You state that they are from the same 'litter' - what does the breeder have to say ?


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