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please help
Posted: 22/11/2016 by angie2010

i have taken on 2 tortoise has a friend bought them for her daughter who didn't want them and as they didn't really pay much attention to them she gave them away. I'm having to take 1 to the vet has it won't open 1 eye and has a runny nose and is always sleeping the other if fine but i suspect its the bedding that has caused the problems as it's like gravel and is dusty i would love some advice on bedding and just the general advice on caring for them as everything they have told me has been bad advice when i looked it up on google and they didnt even know to give them calcium so wanting as much advice as possible

Re: please help
Posted: 22/11/2016 by


Before giving advice it's essential to know which species they are, their age & exactly what their habitat consists of.
Can you send photos of them & their set up please ?

Ideally go to a specialist vet, have a look at the "Vets & Health ...." box.



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