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urgent advice please!!!
Posted: 23/12/2008 by lilcarrie74

George has been down since December 1st - using fridge method and has settled in nicely - his weight has been steady (80g with no loss to date) and a temperature of 5 deg.  Have come from work today and went to check on him (nervous 1st time mum) and he's pooed!!!  Do I get him up or just keep an eye on him??  It's not frrod as such he's passed -it's hemp (obviously eating this when I wuldn't give into his pleas for food!)

I know someone will know the right thing to do - so I will sit, waiting with baited breath!!! My heart says get him up - but thats me being selfish - I got him in November of last year and was too soft to hibernate him then, but really felt confident as he appeared to be doing so well- until now!!



CAROLINEClick and drag me down to the editor


Re: urgent advice please!!!
Posted: 23/12/2008 by tpgadmin

Poo is OK Caroline - let George sleep on!!. He's just emptying what was left.

Get him up if he's had a wee though as that's different.

It sounds as if everything is OK. How long are you aiming to hibernate him for?

You were as well not to hibernate a new tortoise last year when you really don't know anything about his past history so you have done everything right to date!!!

Now start to relax and enjoy your Christmas.

HTH to put your mind at ease a little.



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