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wind down period
Posted: 05/11/2016 by teekay

I have a hermann tortoise that is just over 3 years old, this will be the first time hibernation.  SCL is 81mm & weight is 107grams. Would this be classed as a Juvenile Tortoise??

The tortoise is currently indoors on table. i started the wind down period on November 1st. Been bathing in warm water once a day. Will start to reduce lighting/heat tomorrow. I will be using the fridge method.

Have i started the wind down period too late?

Appreciate any feedback

Re: wind down period
Posted: 05/11/2016 by


It would be classed as a young tortoise. The JR can't be used, if that is what is behind your question. 

You need to allow 10-12 days before starting to reduce heat & light.
You need to follow the instructions meticulously with the fridge method. I assume that you are following the TPG Hibe' advice.

No you haven't started too late. If your weight records show that it is doing well, I'd give it 12 weeks this time.



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