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Posted: 25/10/2016 by

Hi everyone
I am shortly going to hibernate my 4 year old spur thighed.
I have read that I need to bring down the temperatures gradually from 13c to 10c  before putting her in the fridge. This is difficult to do as I do not have a cold room and radiators I can regulate. I have a cold frame with a thermostat outside I can set but I'm nervous of it getting too cold. I see no other alternative. Will this be ok
Many thanks out there Patricia

Re: Pre-hibernation
Posted: 25/10/2016 by Tom


Just to check, 
1. - how long has your tort spent emptying the gut prior to what you propose to do ?
2. - &  at what day / night temps ?

Out here,

Re: Pre-hibernation
Posted: 26/10/2016 by

Hi Tom

I have not as yet started the process of stopping her food that will be for a two week period as she is just 4 years old. My concern is getting the temperatures right at this time. I am advised that during those two weeks the temperature should be 13c for the first half to allow the digestive system to carry on working and 10c for the last half before hibernation. I have a thermostat in her cold frame and I was hoping to leave her in there for the two weeks at the required temperatures. She will not be too active in this time.What do you think.

Many thanks Patricia  

Re: Pre-hibernation
Posted: 26/10/2016 by Tom

It's as I suspected Patricia,

Your source of info. is incorrect. The temps you quote are for the last day or 2 of 'wind down'.
First you have to empty them at higher temps..

Click on "The Tortoise" box to find the TPG Hibe. info..
Follow the info meticulously.

For the last day or 2 just get the temp as low as poss indoors. On the floor near a door, in your coldest room is probably the coldest area.
Use a max/min thermometer. Keep records, incl monthly weight records, post hibe..



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