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Weight loss in hibernation
Posted: 20/10/2016 by CarolineDavy

Hi everyone, 1am hibernating my 2 torts for the 1st time no1 is a 3 year old Horsfield . Good weight and happy to wind down wants to hibernation and we are on week 3 with little weight loss and I'm happy to carry on with him 

No 2 is a 9 year old rescue hermann I've had for over a year who was a good weight on the Jackson ratio. Week 3 and he has lost 45 g already , He is quieter than normal but still quite lively, both have low worm c I nuts and vet was happy at pre hibernation check . Is he looking too much weight  ,should I carry on?
Do you go with 10 percent loss on their weight at week one or 10 percent loss from the weight that they start hibernating from ? 

Re: Weight loss in hibernation
Posted: 20/10/2016 by


As they ceased feeding 3wks ago I assume they are living outside.

Can you re-write paragraph 2 from "... both have ..." as it doesn't make any sense.

Re. 10% wt loss - that is from the start of hibe. between 3C & 5C - however  5% is a better figure to work to.



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