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Hermanns Eggs
Posted: 29/09/2016 by George Norman


I have two Hermanns eggs in the incubator, they have been in there for 79 days. Can you tell me how long they usually take to hatch please? 
Also, over the last couple of days, there's a slight smell when I open the incubator. It's not strong and the eggs still look fine, is this normal?
Many thanks. 

Re: Hermanns Eggs
Posted: 29/09/2016 by

What is the temp. ?

Re: Hermanns Eggs
Posted: 30/09/2016 by George Norman

Hi, it's set at 31.5 and has stayed consistently at that temp. 

Re: Hermanns Eggs
Posted: 03/10/2016 by

Way overdue, so unlikely to hatch.

How old as the F ?

Re: Hermanns Eggs
Posted: 03/10/2016 by George Norman

The female is 19 years old. Both my adult females were in the same enclosure as my male for a few weeks at the beginning of the summer. She made a huge fuss about choosing her nest and laying so I thought there would be a chance they were fertile - hence incubating them. They have now been in the incubator for 11 weeks. I'm worried about discarding them in case there are hatchlings inside, but obviously there's no point in incubating them if there isn't! 

I'd like to be as sure as I can before I discard them, can you help with a timescale please so that I know when I can take the eggs out of the incubator knowing there are not hatchlings inside. 
Many thanks - I appreciate your advice. 

Re: Hermanns Eggs
Posted: 05/10/2016 by

Fair enough, give them another month to be quite sure.

Many factors are involved in breeding, it's not g'teed even after mating for a few weeks.



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