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Inherited Tortoise
Posted: 22/09/2016 by dabvilled


I have recently inherited a tortoise. I have been told that the tortoise is a ten year old male north African spur thighed tortoise.

Firstly looking at photos of male and female tortoises I'm not 100% convinced this tortoise is male and would appreciate your thoughts.

Secondly, not being a tortoise expert, I'm concerned about the length of his claws and shape of his mouth. His claws at the back look long to me and his mouth appears to sit off centre. Does the tortoise appear healthy?

Many thanks,

Re: Inherited Tortoise
Posted: 26/09/2016 by


I regret the delay having missed your Post. 
If it's 10 years old it should have an A10 Certificate, speak to it's previous owner.
Yes it looks female.

It's T.ibera I think, thus not of N. African origin..
It is unusual for a 10 year old to be virtually black.

I'd take it to a reptile vet in the Spring.  One or two claws are a bit long. Also seek an opinion on the beak. The main thing is to prevent it becoming worse - though deformed, it looks a good fit, so I assume that it can feed easily.



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