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Breeding - unplanned
Posted: 11/09/2016 by

Hello, please can someone help, we have a 5 year old male Herman tortoise. last week when on holiday our friends who have a female spurt high about 35 ys old (rescue rehomed so age approx). They looked after our tortoise but separated them in the garden! The female managed climb over into the male encloser. She caught them mating  but pulled them apart. We assume that they have mated! Is there any possibility of any off spring between the two variations?

Many thanks

Re: Breeding - unplanned
Posted: 11/09/2016 by


It's unlikely. Indeed it's unlikely that they mated.

In the unlikely event that eggs are laid next year it is best not to incubate them. Any offspring would be hybrids & it is unethical to produce them.



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