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Inherited a Tortoise Help Needed!
Posted: 05/09/2016 by HorrisTortoise

Hello I'm Michelle, nice to find this site :)  I have just inherited a rather lovely old chap named Horris from my grandmother.  She bought him (or her?) as a baby and has had him over 40 years.  However, apart from telling me he eats lettuce and tomato and hibernates between october and april, I have little other information. I have attached some pictures.

If anyone could help me with his breed that would be a wonderful start. Also how to know what sex the tortoise is and any basic tips on care would be very appreciated.  I am particularly worried about him getting enough water as he doesnt seem to drink.

Hope to here from someone! Thanks for reading, Michelle & Horris 

Re: Inherited a Tortoise Help Needed!
Posted: 06/09/2016 by

Hello Michelle,

The species is Furculachelys whitei, from Algeria. Lovely animals with a gentle nature.
It needs an enclosure at least 15sqm, with a good sized house. Wood is best about 30cm high.

Looking at the 'shell' it would have been a fair age at purchase, smaller but certainly not a baby. Your grandmother would have been amazed how small babies are.

To sex it I need photos of the tail (when relaxed) & the scute above the tail. It would be risky to introduce another tort regardless of sex.

It's unlikely to drink as it has had tomato & lettuce which are 90+% water.
Neither of which should be part of it's diet, by the way.

Click on "The Tortoise / .." box & download a Caresheet. Go for the T.ibera sheet, they can be kept in the same manner. They eat more grass than ibera, & specially like broad-leaved types e.g. Timothy, when grown on to several inches high. Cut & grow again.



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